Happy Places are commissioned works of art that start with a seemingly simple question—What makes you happy? The first day of spring, walking in a rainy forest, your grandma’s kitchen? We’ll journey through a series of questions until I feel like I can visualize that magic moment.

Your Happy Place can be created in something large like a cabinet or display case or something small like a cigar box or metal tin you can carry with you wherever you go.

Your Happy Place can be out in the open for all to see—or secretly hidden away from the rest of the world. I’ve even created a Happy Place in a hole in the wall, hidden behind a picture.

Happy Places are created from vintage objects, items found in nature, custom-made clay figures and hand-painted details. I can also incorporate special items you have and would like to include in your piece.

To learn more about Happy Places or start the happy journey to owning your own, contact me and let’s talk. I can’t wait to hear about your Happy Place!

—Steve Willis

Happy Place Happy Happy Happy